ESTABLISH - Expecting a mentor to be effective without training is like expecting a dancer to perform without knowing the steps. Goal 17’s Online and Classroom training teaches the foundation of mentoring.

Our ESTABLISH Training is aimed at teaching the theoretical foundations of mentoring across your organisation to ensure that those embarking on mentoring have some initial skills and understanding.

The training covers three main areas;

  1. The Foundations Of Mentoring - Understanding what it is (and isn’t), why mentoring is important and the benefits to all involved, who should be involved in mentoring, the role of a mentor.

  2. Programme Preparation - Understanding and preparing to be part of a mentoring scheme; taking into account ‘People, Purpose and Practicalities’ of the programme.

  3. Mentor First Steps - Preparing the mentors for their first meeting, equipping them with the skills to identify, open and establish an effective mentoring relationship.

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Alongside Goal 17’s founders 12+ years of mentoring EXPERTISE, we are developing our training and working alongside Professors from Oxford Brookes University, who are seen as world leaders in Mentoring and Coaching


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