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EXPLORE - Our mentoring experts develop a framework and plan to address the commercial opportunities and threats around human capital that can be addressed through Mentoring. We will design an actionable and effective mentoring programme for your organisation.

What our Clients Say About Explore:
"It's really interesting to understand the detailed lens through which you are able to view mentoring programmes, and therefore set businesses up for success. We are lucky to have you involved"
- Kirstie Kelly, RL100 
"You have built a really strong programme blueprint. I am excited to work with you on this."
-Barbara Lee, Senior Vice President of HR at Neilson

We Design A Structured Mentoring Programme 

Many mentoring programmes fail or peter out because they lack structure and direction. Through our consultation service our Mentoring experts design and document a framework that can then be implemented across the organisation to ensure ongoing mentoring success.

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We design our programmes to outline 5 main criteria (the 5 P’s of Mentoring):

  • Purpose – clearly outlining the commercial goals of the programme and how the success will be measured with meaningful data.
  • People – Who should be involved as mentors, mentor champions, mentor programme coordinators and mentees
  • Practicalities – How the programme will be established, trained, maintained, reviewed and evolved
  • Protection – We identify safeguarding, confidentially and other risks related to mentoring.
  • Promotion – How the programme will be internally promoted to attract mentors and mentees, create a buzz and engagement beyond just those involved. We also consider external promotion and how the programme can be used to attract new talent, in some cases to win contracts and demonstrate the companies values to a wider audience and stakeholders.

 A typical consultation programme may be split into 3 section:

  • Initial fact finding iniuative to fully understand your business, commercial goals and requirements. This includes interviewing the key stakeholders within the business. We develop and document a framework including goals, practicalities and a clear path for everyone in the organisation to understand and follow.
  • A second part invoves presenting the mentoring framework and facilitate a discussion around any adjustments and next steps. We begin the internal promotion of the programme for you.
  • In the third part we present the framework to key personnel, prospective mentors and other stakeholders. This includes recruiting participants and successfully launching your mentoring programme.

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