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EMBED - A complete and comprehensive solution that combines award-winning practical and theoretical learning alongside establishing a mentoring framework for your organisation.

This programme identifies, trains and establishes effective Mentoring Champions in your business and embeds a mentoring culture that will create significant commercial value.

Online and classroom training is supported by an immersive practical experience mentoring a disadvantaged young person. This fully supported experience accelerates and embeds learning whilst giving our Mentor Champion Trainees an empowering experience, and therefore the confidence, to take these skills back into their organisations.



Meeting my mentee was the moment that really got the fire going in my belly and I thought, I really want to do this.
— Goal 17 Mentor Champion Graduate, 2019


  • An EXPLORE Consultation at the start of the programme to design a robust mentoring solution of your business needs and aspirations.

  • Online and Classroom training supported by an immersive particle experience mentoring a disadvantaged young person.

  • The course is run over 10 weeks with 1.5 days out of office training and 30 to 45mins learning and practice a week for 10 to 15 staff per cohort.

  • The contact training day is held in an inspiring sporting environment (such as a Premier League Football Stadium).

  • The course follows Goal 17’s unique KEEPER Methodology to ensure success.

  • Goal 17 is a social enterprise – your investment in our programme helps fund disadvantaged young people through mirroring programmes; supporting them transform their lives. You create social value alongside commercial value.



  • An established framework to create a robust mentoring culture within your organisation.

  • Mentoring Champions competent and confident to both directly mentor and activate a mentoring culture through your organisation.

  • Increased levels of engagement and retention from the Mentoring Champions and those they influence with their new skills.

  • Mentoring Champions increase their leadership ability and people management skills.

  • New levels of understanding and skills to support Mental Health challenges in the workplace.

  • Significant perspective shifts towards Social Mobility; removing unconscious bias and opening opportunities to engage and manage a more diverse workforce.

  • A deep level of emotional connection between participants and the organisation they represent.

  • Create a genuine social value and impact

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