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Our Remote Mentor Development Programmes equip mentors with the confidence and competence to create real progress for their Mentees AND themselves. Mentors will learn a proven system to create success. They will gain access to tools that empower them to put their skills into action straight away.

Each successful Participant on the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Oxford Brookes University Business School

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We develop a structured form of mentoring that is supported by tools and processes to ensure mentoring partnerships are goal orientated and achieve significant progress.

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Our Mentors learn how to have concise but meaningful 30-minute conversations that value everyone time whilst ensuring robust relationships and results.

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Our Mentors learn how to gain just as much from the process as their Mentees, often achieving their own career progression and leadership abilities.

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Our training is certificated by Oxford Brookes University - the academic World leaders in Mentoring. This course also qualifies for CPD Credits.

You will learn:

  • What Mentoring is and how it is different from Coaching
  • Your role as a Mentor
  • The benefits to YOU as Mentor and how to maximise these
  • The Mentoring lifecycle – How to initiate, establish, nurture, mature and end a mentoring partnership
  • How to lay the foundations for success at the start
  • How to build trust and set boundaries with Mentees
  • How to ensure that Mentoring is goal directed and achieves progress
  • How to establish regular mentoring meetings which are effective but also time efficient
  • Common pitfalls and challegnges, and how to avoid them
  • An understanding of how mentoring fits into a bigger picture for you, your organisation and the wider community and economy
  • Each successful Participant on the course will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Oxford Brookes University Business School

You will learn our proven structured mentoring process that ensures success for both you and the Mentee. You will also gain access to carefully designed tools and grow the competence and confidence to be successful, leading yourself and others to measurable results.

Interactive and Illustrated Online Training As Part of The Development Programme

  • 10 modules covering the complete mentoring journey.
  • Interactive videos supported by assessments, tasks, downloadable tools and forms.
  • Complete in your own time with progress checks along the way.
  • Training is supported by independent practical experience and on-going discussions and support with our facilitators.
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