Goal 17 verified by Supply Change as a 'Social Supplier' helping businesses create social value

Uncategorized Mar 23, 2023

Goal 17 has become a verified social enterprise supplier on the Supply Change platform. Supply Change connects organisations looking for goods and services with pre-vetted social suppliers, helping them to make a positive impact with their everyday business spend.

We develop and implement mentoring programmes for many organisations wanting to create tangible social value. This is done through both:

  1. INTERNAL mentoring programmes to improve diversity and inclusion for our clients, measuring the impact to evidence the progress each individual is making.
  2. EXTERNAL mentoring programmes where we pair our clients with the beneficiaries of local charities in order to create community cohesion and measurable social value.

Our delivery of these programmes is supported by our sister company Wowment, which provides an engaging mentoring platform to connect mentors and mentees in a safe environment.

We’re looking forward to working with Supply Change’s buying partners, helping them create and evidence social value by supporting our work to close the gaps in society


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