Goal 17 Invited as Guest Speakers to #RecFestOneWorld

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

Goal 17's Founder, Fran Boorman, has been invited to be a special guest speaker at the biggest global Talent Acquisition and Resourcing Leaders Event. With over 8000 participants registered to attend, Goal 17 will be sharing their experience of establishing Acquisition Mentoring Programmes to help improve Diversity & Inclusion.


8000 participants, 80 world-class speakers and 30 workshops - #RecfestOneWorld2020 is set to be an inspiring and informative spectacle. Having worked closely with the organisers of RecFest over the last year, Goal 17 establish a mentoring programme for Resourcing and Talent Acquisition Leaders (known as the RL100)



The experience of working in this sector led to Goal 17 developing a special form of mentoring that has been named 'Acquisition Mentoring'.  It works by TA professionals take the lead on developing a simple but effective internal mentoring programmes that have two clear objectives: 

  • Externally – the mentoring programme becomes collateral for your Employer Brand, increasing applications from diverse talent by demonstrating that your organisation will go the extra mile to welcome and embrace new employees.
  • Internally – It sets the framework in place to ensure this happens and is effective. New team members integrate and begin to thrive – reducing attrition rates and demonstrating genuine progression.

But this is just the beginning… A good Acquisition Mentoring program can transform internal perspectives and get buy-in from leaders across your organisation, proving to be the most effective diversity and inclusion intervention.

Fran Boorman will be delivering both a talk and interactive workshop at the event where participants will discover the 5-stage process to create genuine and measurable progress when it comes to D&I.

The Workshop and Talk Includes:

  • Discovering your role and the benefits as a TA or Resourcing Professional in establishing an Acquisition Mentoring Programme.
  • Producing your personalised framework to create a successful Acquisition Mentoring Programme using our proven 5-step process.
  • Finding out how to maximise the benefits of Acquisition Mentoring to increases Diversity and Inclusion; using this to get buy-in from across your organisation whilst raising the profile and value of your resourcing role.

Goal 17 are inviting guests from their network to join the limited spaces at this workshop as well as gaining access to the whole event. If you would like to be part of #RecfestOneWorld please contact us at [email protected] 


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