NEW - Addressing Racism One Relationship at a Time

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2022

As Goal 17 Founder, Fran Boorman, Joins The Line Up For The UN and Peace One Day ‘Anti Racism Live’ Event, We Want To Encourage Everyone To Tackle Racism One Relationship At A Time.


About The Anti-Racism Live Event on 21st March:

Anti-Racism Live on The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, 21 March 2022, is being produced in association with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. International leaders, activists, actors and musicians, inspiring and engaging a global audience on Anti-Racism Day, manifesting action for a more equal and just world.


The initiative is being produced by Peace One Day. An incredible organisation that has campaigned globally for over 20 years and made over 2 billion people aware of an annual International Day of Peace (which happens on the 21st of September each year).


How Peace One Day Inspired our Founder:

Our founder, Fran, was deeply inspired by Peace One Day’s founder, Jeremy Gilley. She heard his TED talk back in 2011 and instantly connected with the idea that change had to start with a first step. In Jeremy’s case he was campaigning that if we wanted global peace, we had to at least start with one day.


This concept inspired Fran to think about what she could do to address some of the equality and diversity challenges she saw so prevalent in her own society. Her mission is to now address inequalities in our societies one relationship at a time.


The whole Goal 17 team are dedicated to bringing people together in meaningful one on one relationship to help both parties address their biases, overcome their fears, and empower them to change.


It is this work that has got Fran recognised and invited to join this incredible live broadcast as part of Anti-Racism Live.


Get First Access to The Technology Platform that Will Address Racism One Relationship at a Time

Are you an individual or organisation who are committed to addressing the challenges of racism and equality? Why not join us by helping tackle this issue one relationship at a time.


We are developing a ground-breaking new technology platform that will help bring people together in one-to-one meaningful relationships. Think of it as a form of Campaign Driven Mentoring that helps bring different people together to support each other in changing perspectives and prospects.


Along with creating a beautiful user experience we are going to be using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to help foster progressive relationships between two humans who want to connect and share their lived experience.


We are recruiting beta users who will get the first opportunity to test and use this platform. To become one of the first users when it is launched later in 2022 and to be kept informed on the progress of the platform, please ping us your email address by registering on this page:


We can’t wait to share this technology with you and address Racism One Relationship at a Time.


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