Insurance advisory business, Partners&, create Mentors with Goal 17

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2023

Today saw Partners&, a leading insurance advisory business, hold a graduation ceremony for their first batch of mentors. Partners& began their mentoring journey in July 2022, with 14 mentors undertaking a University certificated mentor training course with Goal 17. Together they set out to help 14 enthusiastic mentees make strides in their career goals and personal aspirations.


When asked about why they wanted to run the mentoring programme, Natalie McClean, Chief People Officer of Partners& shared:


“Partners& founding principle is a strong belief that our values underpin how we support both our clients and colleagues. From a colleague's perspective, our desire is to ensure individuals bring the best version of themselves to work each day. To achieve this, they need to feel included, and supported with their well-being and personal development. 


The Partners& Academy was founded in 2022 with the aim to develop and grow our own talent and allow individuals to learn first-hand from the many experienced individuals across the company. Partnering with Goal 17 has provided a clear and structured approach to mentoring which has benefited both our mentees and our mentors.”


During the graduation, mentees and mentors alike shared how the mentoring programme has helped them. Colin Ramsay, one of the mentees, has expressed how much the mentoring conversations gave him more confidence to develop his team and manage more complex issues.


Mentors have also found the programme rewarding – having been able to support young talent in their industry. As an added bonus, they also had their own takeaways from the mentoring sessions as it has “reminded them to take their own advice sometimes.”


The Goal 17 Team is looking forward to what’s next for Partners& as they continue their mentoring journey.



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