It's National Mentoring Day... Time to Step Up?

insights mentoring news Oct 26, 2020

Today (27th October) is National Mentoring Day 2020 - And The World Needs You!

2020 has been a turbulent year and never has there been a greater need for the support and human connection that comes from Mentoring. 

Mentoring has unrivaled abilities to break down barriers, bring people together, promote social mobility and diversity, support mental health, and be the carrier for effective and fast change. 

We believe that anybody with the right support and structure can be an effective Mentor. Regardless of your experience or background, just being there for someone else can make the world of difference. 

To help get more people mentoring and to celebrate this special day, Goal 17 created a special FREE step-by-step guide to Mentoring.

Containing some of our best tools and models it can help you begin or deepen your own Mentoring journey.

To download this special resource which will only be available today (until 11:59pm on the 27th October 2020) head to 

Looking for more inspiration? Keep a lookout today on social media (specifically LinkedIn) where many of our Mentors and Mentees will be sharing their stories.

Thank you for your bravery and boldness to consider Mentoring and supporting others. Thank you again for your support of our Mission for Mass Mentoring!



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