NEWS - 50 Business Leaders Join Goal 17 at Anfield for the Launch of the IMPACT Programme in Liverpool

news May 31, 2019

On 30th May, over 50 business leaders and senior community stakeholders from across the North West assembled to hear how they can be part of creating their own Liverpool Success Stories.

Whilst we celebrate the football clubs’ epic victory at the weekend, individuals and businesses are encouraged to get involved in this exciting new initiative that aims to bring football, the community and businesses closer together.

 At the #LFCGood event, held at Anfield Stadium, a distinguished audience heard how the Liverpool FC Foundation will be working with Goal 17 – two organisations who aim to bring the business community into the football club – to help support homeless and vulnerable young people on a transformational programme. Supported by the Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Cllr Lynnie Hinnigan, the key message was that this is not just about giving back, but that companies would gain equally from the opportunity to be involved in an award-winning programme that develops their staff alongside the young people.

 A challenging economy forces companies to find new ways to hold onto their best people:

CEO of Goal 17, Fran Boorman - who is also noted as the UKs Top Female Business Influencer by Global Woman - shared how the 2020’s will see unprecedented shifts in our work force and continued disruption from technology and politics. In order to develop sustainable businesses companies must engage and retain the best talent. Goal 17 have developed one of the UKs top Mentoring Programmes to help teach internal mentoring skills for their corporate clients – empowering them to create a culture that holds onto their people and avoids some of the £6.3bn that UK companies spent last year when they were unable to retain talent.


Football as a Catalyst to Inspire and Cement Learning:

Alongside teaching world class theory, developed with the leading University in this field, Goal 17 brings learning to life through a transformative practical experience. This is where the football comes in.

Every corporate client of Goal 17’s, who engages in this exciting new project alongside Liverpool FC Foundation, will get the opportunity to visit Anfield for a full day’s facilitated training. Here they will be introduced to a young mentee and invited to support them over a 10-week period to help cement their new mentoring skills.

 Football has an amazing ability to break down barriers and bring people together. Whether you are the CEO of a large company or a young person enduring challenging circumstances, when your team scores the elation and celebration is the same. The sport also has the ability to inspire us and open our minds to what might be possible with a little bit of belief and passion.

Get involved and work alongside Liverpool FC Foundation and Goal 17:

Goal 17 is welcoming applications from businesses across the North West to participate in this amazing opportunity. Please contact [email protected] to find out more information about how you can be involved.


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