NEWS - World Leading Professor Joins the Goal 17 Team

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2020


Goal 17 Ltd are excited to announce the appointment of Dr Judie Gannon as a Non-Executive Director on the company’s board. This appointment demonstrates Goal 17’s commitment to continue delivering the leading commercial mentor training product, whilst staying at the forefront of knowledge and research in this field.


Dr. Gannon is a world leading academic expert in Mentoring, based out of the International Centre of Coaching and Mentoring Studies at Oxford Brookes University. Having spent over 20 years as a Senior Lecturer she is known for her ground-breaking programmes and cutting-edge research. Dr Gannon’s appointment comes on the week she was announced as the winner of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council’s ‘Global Mentoring Award’.


Goal 17 are a social enterprise who deliver a revolutionary mentor training programme that helps commercial client attract, engage and retain the best talent. Goal 17’s training is unrivalled in its ability to develop a more diverse and socially mobile workforce whilst overcoming many of the workplace changes and trends that face the modern employer.


Uniquely, a key part of Goal 17’s training is to pair corporate mentor trainees with homeless and vulnerable young people who are undergoing their own transformation, supported by sports themed charities. Goal 17 work alongside the charitable foundations of Premier League Football team and Premiership Rugby teams to deliver these immersive training experiences. This emotive experience of supporting a young person accelerates learning and deepens commitment from Goal 17’s clients. The programmes ultimately help close the gaps in society and shift mindsets whilst teaching the essential mentoring skills that corporate clients need to develop a diver workforce.


Having worked with Goal 17 for much of the last year Dr Gannon has already added huge value to the organisation, supporting the development of our award-winning training, which is certificated by Oxford Brookes University. Dr Gannon share our passion for giving back and has always been enthused by Goal 17’s ability to teach mentoring through supporting charity beneficiaries as a Social Enterprise.


Fran Boorman, the Founder of Goal 17 shared her enthusiasm for this appointment; “It is truly wonderful to have Dr Gannon as part of our team. It has been a pleasure and inspiration working with her to date. We look forward to continuing this as we evolve our organisation. Through our close working relationship, we will continue to provide the upmost excellence to our clients, whilst also finding opportunities to create case-studies and research that will support both Goal 17 and Dr Gannon’s work.”

Dr Judie Gannon shared; “I am thrilled to have joined the Goal 17 board as a non-executive director and am incredibly excited to be working with the team to help Goal 17 achieve its mission and evolve and develop. Mentoring is an incredibly powerful intervention when thoughtfully instigated so working with Goal 17 approach to deliver best practice mentoring is a joy to contribute to. ”


To find out more about Goal 17’s award-winning mentor training and solutions contact us at [email protected] or visit



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