NEWS - Goal 17 Launch with Clancy Group and London Irish

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2022


In March, Goal 17 has brought together two organizations whose shared goal is to give back to the communities they work within.


The Clancy Group is one of the largest privately-owned construction firms in the UK. This year, they have decided to do more than ensure the safe and reliable provision of water, power and other essential utilities to homes and businesses and will be reaching out to the community to help build better lives for young people. The company’s goal in this project is to help make a difference within the communities it serves while making sure that the colleagues involved are able to learn and grow from the experience.


The Clancy Group, through Goal 17, has reached out to sponsor the London Irish Foundation, the charity arm that is attached to the London Irish Rugby Club. The foundation does a whole range of amazing work in the community, everything from helping get homeless young people off the streets to helping schools, and providing services for older people.


Goal 17 has brought two organizations together in this brand new initiative with the objective to help both to achieve one common noble goal – to give back.


Clancy decided to go for a rather unique take on “giving back”. Aside from sponsoring the foundation, they have committed 11 of their teams' time to be involved in the foundation’s work and to help mentor young people that the London Irish Foundation is supporting. Their mentees are young people who showed great talent in rugby and now needed some support as they look for ways to progress their lives forward. The goal is to help these young people find a good path and help them make good decisions, after their rugby career.


Goal 17’s role was to train all 11 Clancy representatives to become more effective mentors, get them ready for the task, and bring the mentors and mentees together.


On the 26th of March, the mentors and mentees met each other for the first time at the Brentford Community Stadium, to talk to each other, and experience watching the London Irish game together.


At the launch, the mentors from Clancy were able to put their mentoring skills into action, and the mentees were able to get the structure and framework of the program and understand how their mentors will be able to support them in their journey.


Over the coming months, the mentors will continue supporting the mentees and they will be involved in other programs that the London Irish Foundation offers. And by the end of the summer, Goal 17 will be getting them all back together to talk about what they have learned from the experience.


Through this program, The Clancy Group has been able to make a big difference in other people’s lives, while also helping their people grow and learn how to become effective mentors. Truly a wonderful and unique way of giving back.


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