Why Mentoring is so important in the work place…


A changing workforce

In our fast-changing economy never has there been a more important time to engage and retain the best talent for businesses to ensure they are sustainable and profitable. Over the coming years companies face vast changes in their workforce:

  • Baby boomers will be retiring in large numbers taking decades of experience with them.

  • The current skills gap already leaves over 800,000 vacancies in the UK.

  • Poor and failing staff retention cost the UK economy £6.3bn last year.

  • As Millennials move into the work place, 86% believe the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than only its financial performance by involving employees in such initiatives; employers are now seeking to boost Millennials’ sense of empowerment and purpose.

  • 72% of Millennials say they want a mentor in the workplace.

Rhys meeting his mentor.jpg
Companies that develop a robust mentoring culture have the greatest opportunity to hold on to their most valued employees and transfer skills.
— Fran Boorman, Goal 17 CEO