Video Diary of the Goal 17 Mentor Training

In August 2019 our CEO and Co-Founder, Fran Boorman, began the Goal 17 KEEPER Programme and experience mentoring one of the homeless young people we support. Through this experience she is recording a weekly video diary to share what she is learning about mentoring and herself.

Week 1 and 2

Over the next 10 weeks I am going to be supporting and mentoring a homeless young person through a ransformational academy with the Goal17 and Street Soccer Foundation.

The aim of the programme to help me become an effective mentor and take these skills back into the workplace. A key element of my learning is getting hands on experience of mentoring by supporting a young person.

It is a bit like Undercover Boss. This is a programme I have been honing and developing over the last decade. I have had the privilege of mentoring hundreds of people and working with world leading academics to develop the content. Despite supporting whole cohorts through our programmes this will be the first time I personally take on the responsibility of mentoring one of our young people directly.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but already I am learning about myself and the process is helping me consider how I can become an effective mentor. This week, alongside the online training I have spend 10/15mins writing a letter to my Mentee who I get to meet next week. This has been a surprisingly powerful experience. It is making it all feel real. I feel excited, nervous and I am starting to learn how to embrace the responsibility.

Week 3

This was the special week when I got to go to the football stadium to meet the amazing young person who I will be supporting over the remainder of the Goal17 training programme. Whilst I learn how to become an effective mentor in my workplace I am getting hands-on practical experience supporting an amazing young girl who is also going through her own transformation on the Street Soccer Foundation Academy programme.

I have already learned so much about myself, but I think my main take away from this weeks training was a new deeper commitment to my own learning and development. Seeing my mentees commitment to change her life was hugely refreshing and inspiring. This has made me commit more to myself.

Naturally, I have a lot of doubts in myself and my ability. I can understand why so many good-willed people give up on mentoring both inside and outside the workplace. Without the support of the training programme it would be very easy for the impostor syndrome to take over. Looking forward to next week and as promised I will update you!

Week 4

This week I’ve had to overcome my own self-doubt and feelings of ImposterSyndrome. I’m really experiencing why so many good intentions people set out on their own journey of mentoring but often bail out.

I’ve been questioning myself, am I good enough? What can I actually bring to the table? If I fail how will I look?

As I get into the thick of learning how to become an effective mentor in the workplace I’m realising just how important it is to have a supported experience away from my colleagues so that I can overcome my own personal challenges without the fear of losing face in the office!

Having the responsibility of supporting this amazing young girl, who has such challenging circumstances, is forcing me to commit more to my own learning. If she is overcoming her immense challenges then surely I should be overcoming mine!

During our mentoring conversation I was surprised how quickly the trust in our relationship is building. Despite being from such different backgrounds, just being there and supporting her is obviously making a difference. As each day goes on my confidence is building and I feel like I am able to help.

Week 5

Being a mentor you don't need to know all the answers, in fact, this week I have been learning how empowering it is to equip your mentee with the ability to go and find the answers. 

One of the many reason that mentors often give up is because they feel a pressure to know everything, or feel stupid when they don't. What I have learned and embedded through this weeks training is that a mentors role is to support their mentee; guiding them more than teaching them.

The trust in our relationship is really building and I felt very touched that my mentee chose me to come to this week with a concern of hers. Together we were able to work through it. I felt for the first time that I am actually making a difference and this has hugely boosted my confidence.


Fran Boorman