Our flagship IMPACT programme stand for Inspiring Mentoring Programme Achieving Community Transformation.

Delivered over 10 weeks to groups of 11 to 15 delegates, the programme is a combination of online theoretical learning, 1.5 days’ facilitated training (held at a Premier Leauge Football Club stadium) and hands-on experience mentoring a homeless young person who is participating in a mirroring 10-week transformational course with our charity partner The Street Soccer Foundation.

The theoretical learning is split into 3 sections and delivered in 15-minute modules, accessed online once a week:

  1. PREPARING TO MENTOR – Delivered before the mentor meets their mentee – covering what mentoring is (and isn’t!) and how to establish it correctly

  2. EFFECTIVE MENTORING – Delivered alongside the weekly contact between the mentor and mentee, the theory learned is this section helps the mentor gain as much as possible from the experience. We cover key topics such as how to nurture an effective mentoring relationship, overcoming challenges, mental health awareness and the benefits of diversity and social mobility.

  3. TRANSFERRING A MENTORING CULTURE – During the final weeks of the formal mentoring period we give mentors the tools and guidance to be able to best translate the skills they have learned into the workplace and beyond.

 The practical learning and experience is delivered through mentors telephoning their mentees for a minimum of 15 minutes once a week, guided with our support throughout.

To conclude the 10-week programme we facilitate a graduation ceremony bringing together the young people and their mentors, to reflect on collective learnings and achievements, and to create a future action plan.


  • Product: The No.1 Sports-led mentoring training programme in the UK

  • Duration: 10 weeks

  • Individuals Time Commitment: 30 mins per week + 1.5 days facilitated training at a Premier League Football Club stadium

  • Developed in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, World leaders in this space and home to The International Centre for Coaching and Mentoring


Hear from past graduates aBOUT what they learned from the experience

The benefits and changes we see in our mentors include:

  • An ability to more effectively deal with people issues in the work place.

  • A new appreciation of others, specifically those who perhaps they have seen as ‘different’ from themselves.

  • An amazing team bond with those who have completed the programme with them.

  • An emotional connection to their company having been empowered to have such an emotive and rewarding experience.

  • A new understanding of diversity, social mobility and unconscious bias.

  • Increased levels of engagement in the workplace resulting in better staff retention outcomes.