Buy one, give one

For each member of your company who participates in a Goal 17 KEEPER Programme, a homeless young person is exclusively sponsored through their own transformational Academy.

In partnership with The Street Soccer Foundation, our KEEPER Programme is delivered in alignment with a nationally acclaimed transformative academy programme for vulnerable and homeless 16 to 24 year olds.

Over 10 weeks, young participants receive a combination of professional football coaching and classroom training, which helps them establish a positive mindset. The Academy is proven to successfully transition young people into education, employment or further training following completion of the course.

A key part of the young people’s transformation comes from the guidance and support they get from their mentor. Whilst the mentor is learning how to put their new skills into action they also gain a huge sense of empowerment when they see their efforts deliver tangible results for others.

As the No.1 sport across the globe, football is the glue that brings everyone together and helps break down barriers.